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Nova Montis+ Lichtgewicht Harnas

Merk: Nova
Model: Harnas
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NOVA MONTIS+ – flexible, safe and ultralight.

The MONTIS+ is the combination of the MONTIS, our ultralight harness and the INVERTO, our reversible rucksack.
The MONTIS+ is more than a sum of its parts – it offers comfort, protection and unsurpassed flexibility.
A harness for every mountain.

Stay flexible:

Hike & fly is a science in itself: depending on the type of tour, the required equipment will change.
With the MONTIS+ you are ready for any eventuality – from a gentle evening flight to an extreme alpine adventure.

Well protected:
With its in-built protection, the MONTIS+ looks after the whole spine, not just the pilot’s posterior.
The protector starts at the knees and reaches up to the neck vertebrae.
This means a high degree of passive safety.
Always comfortable. Whether on the ground or in the air: the MONTIS+ offers a lot of storage space (60 litres), is very comfortable to carry and offers a relaxed seating position.
For a harness of this type and weight, the level of comfort is impressively high.

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