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Ozone Fazer III

Merk: Ozone
Model: Speedwing
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Ozone say the latest Fazer 3 speed wing has an expanded flight range, “unmatched” precision, and can be foot or ski launched.
Ozone say they have retained the same easy launch characteristics and great flare, and redesigned the trimmers, adding a new ‘steep flight’ mode that makes it faster and less efficient but more stable, for hugging snowy slopes.
Its low aspect ratio (3.43 flat) and light sail give it stability, and Ozone say the Fazer 3 effortlessly tracks with the skier when weight is transferred away from the wing to the slope.
The Fazer 3 is more dynamic than its predecessor, with increased roll behaviour – great for quick barrel rolls,
Ozone say. We maintained focus on a balanced internal pressure and solid span-wise tension, retaining a very co-ordinated feel in the air with absolutely zero “wobble” or “accordion” movement.
This stability makes for an extremely precise, smooth, and confidence-inspiring ride for pilots who are shaving terrain.
The Fazer 3 is ideal for experienced speedflying pilots when heavily loaded, but is still very suitable for newer pilots at lighter wingloadings.
Choose your size carefully, is Ozone’s advice – with the advice of your dealer or instructor.

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