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Brauniger IQ Basic GPS

Merk: Brauniger
Model: Vario/GPS
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€ 389,95

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  • The IQ-BASIC-GPS the next generation of smal flight instruments with integrated GPS receiver.
  • The IQ-BASIC is the ideal complement to the Brauniger Vario series IQ-ONE/ONE+, perfectly aligned to the requirements of paraglider- and hangglider pilots.
  • The combination of GPS and an extremely wide digital Vario range of +/- 300 m/s recomends the Vario as an interesting device also for Parachuters and Skydyving.
  • The integrated flight recoder records flights in a IGC format for an easy uploading to the OLC server, or presenting a flight on Google-Earth using the Flychart software.
  • The IQ-BASIC-GPS covers the wide range beginning from newcomers up to the ambitious pilots who just enjoy flying.
  • The instrument is easy to handle but all the same it is equipped with various functionsfor the performance minded pilot.
  • The extreme sensitive and accurate 20 channel GPS-receiver displays precisely the speed over ground, which is quite important for the pilots.
  • Under an optional Navigation mode there are additional features available as creating a flying route, handling of waypoints, flight optimising by a polar-curve, a.s.o. ( Option as Navigation Mode by release code )


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