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Apco Spark

Merk: Apco Aviation
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€ 599,00

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  • SPARK - the latest, most sophisticated sports harness on the APCO range, has been launched by our R&D team.
  • The SPARK stands out for its comfort, finish and clean lines. The concept of SPARK is based on latest harness design principles, taking APCO technology to new heights.
  • Now even more comfortable, more sophisticated and sleeker than any other harness on our range.
  • SPARK shares the philosophy and design approach with rest of our harnesses.
  • SPARK will appeal to pilots who prefer a classic harness, offering total comfort, maximum security, blended with stylish design and loads of extras.
  • The pilot protection environment of SPARK shares the same elements as EDGE, including full airfoam backprotector with backplate and side protectors, but takes pilot safety protection even further.


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