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Cross-Country Flying

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Cross Country Flying: The new book from Burkhard Martens

Cross Country Flying is the new book from Burkhard Martens, author of the international free-flight best-seller Thermal Flying.

Published in May 2013 Cross Country Flying includes chapters and information on:

-	Pre-flight planning: how to use technology to maximise your flight
-	Cross country novices: six rules for beginners
-	Weather, thermalling and understanding best glide
-	Need to know: best time to launch, inversions, convergence, crossing valleys, dolphin-flying, tactics, flight analysis,  valley winds and more
-	Expert interviews: Chrigel Maurer, Jocky Sanderson, Ewa Wisnierska and others
-	How to fly the mountains
-	A special chapter on flatland flying

Cross Country Flying also includes detailed information on how to fly some of the best XC sites in the Alps, including:

-	Fiesch and the Wallis Valley
-	Fanas in Switzerland
-	Pinzgau in Austria
-	Speikboden in Italy
-	Greifenburg in Austria
-	Annecy in France

A third section includes in-depth interviews with some of the world's most experienced pilots

-      Chrigel Maurer
-      Jocky Sanderson
-      Torsten Hahne
-      Mads Syndergaard- 
-      Karel Vejchodsky
-      Helmut Eichholzer- 
-      Ewa Wisnierska

A fourth section includes photo essays on these international flying sites

-      Quixada, Brazil
-      Manilla, Australia
-      Iquique, Chile
-      De Aar, South Africa
-      Rift Valley, Kenya
-      Piedrahita, Spain

The book is hardback and 242 pages long.

Illustrated throughout with full-page photographs and easy-to-understand simple diagrams, the book is an ideal companion to Thermal Flying, and is a must-have for any pilot serious about learning to fly XC and go far.

I wish you all plenty of wonderful and accident-free cross-country flights!

Burkhard Martens


Hier de link naar zijn website:  http://www.thermikwolke.de/


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