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Ozone Element II EN-A/B

Brand: Ozone
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  • Solid, Stable, Safe- The student?s glider
  • Total safety and stability for student use
  • Easy to launch, land, and ground-handle
  • Highly durable, exceptional price

The Element has all of the crucial ingredients for what we think is a perfect glider to learn about the sport of paragliding. A low price, high durability, overall ease of use and uncompromising safety have combined to make this glider an ideal choice for schools.

Created by three vastly experienced paragliding instructors, we think this is the best school glider we have ever seen. We have designed the Element as the easiest, safest, most simple glider that Ozone has ever produced.

Inflation and ground handling are exceedingly simple, and will vastly accelerate the students? ground handling and launch learning process. The Element is very pitch stable, but at the same time features a long brake travel and excellent behavior at slow speeds with no deep stall tendency.

The Element?s top surface is constructed from Porcher?s new 45 Evolution fabric, which is coated for porosity and extremely stretch resistant. The Element is sure to last for hundreds of hours of training hill use and abuse.

?After 1200 tows with our winch, the Element is still performing great! We?ve never had a wing that lasts for so long, and performs so well over such a long period of time!?
Igor Volkov, Vector Paragliding

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