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AirDesign HERO EN-D

Merk: AirDesign
Model: Paraglider
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The HERO redefines the class of ultralight high-performance gliders.
High top-speed and precise handling characteristics.
With size Small weighing less than 3 kg, it's also the lightest glider in its class!
Designed for the versatility and limitless combinations of Hike & Fly and XC, the HERO is the attractive choice for competition pilots, vol-bivac enthusiasts, and backcountry adventurers.
We have intentionally placed the HERO in the EN-D category instead of EN-C, in order to achieve a very high top-speed rating.
Our new short double A-line hang points provide greater stability compared to that of the standard single-A. 

 This, of course, is a double-edged sword - on the one hand this higher level of stability is of great benefit for practical flying, yet on the other hand it is difficult to simulate collapses as prescribed for the EN certification.
The HERO was therefore tested by using folding lines, meaning the glider is automatically placed within the EN-D category (independent of the actual EN test results). >more information you find here Due to the small packing volume and the versatility of the HERO it is difficult to say which size rucksack the individual customers prefer.
Therefore the glider will be delivered without rucksack.

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NB: custom colours kost 225 euro meer prijs!!


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