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Boomerang X EN D ::: LTF D

Merk: Gin paragliders
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JM12 04 boom X 01   JM12 04 boom X 03   JM12 04 boom x 5
  • High Performance
  • 4 sizes
  • 2 colours
  • EN D ::: LTF D

Accessible high-performance EN D

The Boomerang X is a unique glider in the EN D class. It offers true high performance, yet remains accessible to a wide range of experienced EN D pilots, such as serious XC pilots and serial class competitors.

The Boomerang X has several improvements over the previous generation of high-performance gliders.

A new planform featuring a longer chord at the centre helps to give the wing its excellent seeking behaviour and climb rate. Security is also greatly improved, since in extreme condititons the centre of the glider remains stable.

Small and large big ears are comfortable and give an effective method of descent when used in combination with the speedbar. The B3 technique can also be used to descend.

Speedbar pressure is light, and the speed system can be used in conjunction with B riser control using the supplied "B-balls".

The Boomerang X is available in a wide range of sizes to ensure that you can select your ideal size.


- new planform offers enhanced stability and flying characteristics

- True 3 riser system for comfort and stability

- Split A risers

- EN D



Technical Specifications


 FLAT  AREA 21.09m2 22.47m2 24.38m2 26.37m2
 SPAN 12.03m 12.42m 12.94m 13.46m
 A.R 6.87 6.87 6.87 6.87
 PROJECTED  AREA 18.08m2 19.20m2 20.90m2 22.60m2
 SPAN 9.52m 9.80m 10.20m 10.60m
 A.R 5.01 5.01 5.01 5.01
 CELL NUMBER 79 79 79 79
 GLIDER WEIGHT 5.3kg 5.5kg 5.8kg 6.1kg
 CERTIFIED WEIGHT IN FLIGHT 80-90kg 90-100kg 100-110kg 110-125kg



Included with your glider

Repair kitInner bagAccessories bagUSB manualStickersVelcro strap



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