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Apco Thrust III - AFNOR Std

Merk: Apco Aviation
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Dit is in eerste instantie een paramotor scherm, maar is eveneens te verkrijgen in een paragliding versie. Het wordt dan afgeleverd met andere risers.

THRUST – our purpose built paramotor wing has claimed worldwide fame as one of the most desirable paramotor wings.

The last THRUST upgrade was in 2009. Feedback accumulated and experience gained, led us to introduce improvements to make this excellent wing even better - as a result THRUST III is born.

In line with our design philosophy, THRUST III now is equipped with SRS® (Stall Recovery System) as standard, in addition to HIT valve and FLEXON batten.

SRS® is designed to be an important safety feature, but above all, it is a great help in improving launch characteristics on gliders when hesistating to come up over head. The THRUST's launch was always spotless, but now its even better - foolproof.

Whatever the pilot will do and despite his best efforts to spoil the launch, the THRUST III will come up evenly, consistently to stay over head, waiting for launch. 

THRUST III design is focused on:

  • Launch - spotless - no matter wind or no wind, cross or tail on every hill, any time of the year - easy as never before
  • Ground Handling – THRUST III positions itself over head with no effort and just hovers there even in the slightest wind with no sign of collapse, waiting for the pilot to be ready to accelerate into the air
  • In the air the wing acceleration is smooth, and THRUST III willingly responds to the engine’s thrust
  • Handling - light, precise, immediate
  • Flying - awesome
  • Safety – unshakable
  • Landing – piece of cake!

Out of gas (expensive today) – THRUST III is well suited to free flying too and can be supplied with paragliding risers on request.


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