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Apco Vista III EN-B

Merk: Apco Aviation
Model: Paraglider
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Apco Vista III EN-B  

Intended to continue the Vista legacy these totally new wings have been completely redesigned to be fully equipped to meet the toughest challenges.
Available in 2 different versions:

  1. Vista III - with unsheathed competition lines for maximum performance.
  2. Vista Touring - same as Vista III, but with sheathed lines for durability and longevity.

New APP Technology (Automatic Pressurised Profile) - commonly known as "Shark Nose" - installed for constant internal pressure allowing wider safe speed range and superior glide.
Vista III and Vista Touring are true 3 liner (top to bottom).
Our comparison flights prove that both the Vista III and Vista Touring are at the top of their class, offering the optimal package for intermediate pilots - they are among the best performing wings in their Class.
Simple and easy to fly, combined with extremely high passive safety, solid stability and probably the best handling around.
Remember how when you were a kid you were always excited to open your gifts on Xmas morning, finding new toys to play with.
Vista III and Vista Touring are so much fun to fly that when flying on of these wing, you will feel like that kid once again !!!!
Our main effort concentrated on achieving extremely stable, yet playful wings with fully usable speedbar that should stand out in a crowd, making you look good while soaring at the top of the gaggle.
Work was done on reducing the drag on all fronts to achieve significant performance and L/D gain.
The common alternative of taking the easy route, chasing higher aspect ratio wing, which sometimes leads to problematic handling and questionable security was something we dismissed from the start.
We believe the results are evident.
Using a true 3 line concept, combined with APP technology + drag reducing bullet risers and unsheathed lines, as well as APCO’s innovative minimal drag hook up points , were our tools of choice to achieve ultimate performance with no compromise on safety and fun.
Building Vista III and Vista Touring we implemented all the latest technology available at APCO, creating the wing to beat the competition, making it lighter than most rival gliders, but also faster and sweeter, without sacrificing any of APCO's legendary tradition in wing durability and longevity.

Flight Characteristics:

  • True EN B across entire speed bar range
  • Performance - in line with the top in EN B Class Safety - reassuring and inspiring
  • Launch and ground handling - spotless Handling - outstanding Flying - breathtaking Thermalling - a piece of cake! Fun,
  • Fun, Fun - lots of fun ..........


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