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LTF 2 / EN C


After finishing the Mentor 2 we started to design a glider for the EN C class: The Factor 2. Compared to the Mentor 2 we wanted more dynamic and even more precise handling characteristics. Further more we were aiming for a significantly higher glide ratio and for more top speed.

It took us more than half a year to combine all those characteristics in one glider. We needed a couple of more weeks in strong thermal conditions for fine tuning the glider and to finally test the pre-serial wings

During the design process we could use a lot of the knowledge that we had gathered from the Mentor 2.  From the technical point of view the Factor 2 is kind of the “big brother” of the Mentor 2.

Flying the Factor 2:

If you liked the agile handling characteristics of the Factor 1, you will immediately feel comfortable with the Factor 2. The glider reacts to steering inputs very precisely and with little delay. The brake travel which is needed to fly the glider efficiently in thermals is now even less than with the Factor 1.

Furthermore we could increase the stability in turbulences: Collapses are very rare with the Factor 2, no matter if flying accelerated or at trim speed. The directional stability is also greater, which is a big help for flying through turbulences at high speed.

The top speed is significantly higher than on the Factor 1 and it’s very comfortable to use the accelerator due to the smooth-running speed system and the rather small operating travel.

Altogether we have been able to increase the XC-potential as well as the “Fun Factor”, which is well known among all Factor 1 pilots.



The final stages of the development process took place during spring and summer. This means, we had very strong thermals and strong valley winds in our test area at the Achen-Lake. Test flights in such conditions are indispensable for us, because they provide more information about a gliders safety than just flying test manoeuvres in calm air.

In turbulent conditions the Factor 2 stands out with a very high stability and it retains this stability up to the top speed. Big collapses are very rare. If the wing collapses, the reopening is rather damped and without impulsiveness.

Overall the Factor 2 offers a very reliable and easily manageable behaviour for the target-group of experienced pilots.



We have never been able to increase the performance between two product generations as much as from Factor 1 to Factor 2; the Factor 2 clearly outperforms its “smaller brother”, the Mentor 2.


The top speed is also a lot higher than on the Mentor 2. Both wings have outstanding stability and a flat polar in common.


All those things considered, the Factor 2 offers unique possibilities for XC-pilots.






Technical changes compared to Factor1:

  • new airfoil: because of the three line levels, we needed a new airfoil. It stands out for its pitch stability, and a high collapse resistance.

  • miniribs at the trailing edge: These ribs help to increase the surface finish and thereby increase the performance.

  • new suspension: The Factor 2 has just three suspension levels and less attachment points at each line level. This leads to a significantly reduced drag.

  • integrated polyamide rods: These very sturdy rods replace the mylar reinforcements and lead to less weight and more stability. The rods don’t need any more care than the mylar reinforcements did.

  • reef system on the trailing edge: To improve the handling characteristics (e.g. to reduce the brake pressure) we have reef bands on the trailing edge which distribute the suspension load.

NB: custom colours is 150 euro meerprijs!


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