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Nova Mentor 4 EN-B

Merk: Nova
Model: Paraglider
Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad
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  • The benchmark of cross-country wings (EN/LTF B TBC) MENTOR 4 – gets you further More technology, more know-how, more performance:
  • The MENTOR 4 is the next milestone in the XC intermediate class.
  • As well as revolutionary performance, the MENTOR 4 also offers refined handling in thermals, balanced roll damping and even better climb characteristics.
  • And thanks to its compact sail, the wing has gained efficiency and is also faster.
  • The next milestone. The MENTOR 1, 2 and 3 was outstanding in its class.
  • The Mentor 4 is the continuation of our mission to make the best wing in its class.
  • In comparison to its predecessor, its performance is better by half a glide point.
  • The Mentor 4 offers everything an ambitious cross-country pilot desires: impressive performance combined with a high degree of passive safety. Numerous competition title wins and records are proof of the success of the Mentor design.
  • Optimised in every way. The MENTOR 4 was designed in co-operation with the cross-country pilots in the NOVA Pilots Team.
  • The experience of cross-country hounds fed the development.
  • Our designers and test pilots converted the input, and their own experience, into solutions.
  • The results are improved roll dampening - particularly in accelerated flight - even more precise handling and a further improvement in the climb rate.
  • The higher speed of the MENTOR 4 improves its efficiency against headwind. Lighter and even more durable. The MENTOR 4 is a weight-optimised wing: everything that is not exposed to a high mechanical load has been manufactured using moderately light material (Dominico 20D), except the profile nose which is made from abrasion resistant cloth.
  • The result is a wing that is significantly lighter, but at the same time more durable, than its predecessor.
  • A side effect of the reduced canopy weight is higher passive safety - and it is suitable for hike & fly.
  • Target group The MENTOR 4 is a paraglider with impressive performance which has - in the hands of an experienced pilot - a very manageable handling and extreme flight behaviour.
  • Flying the MENTOR 4 does require a degree of skill.
  • Although certified as EN B, the MENTOR 4 is not suitable for beginners and occasional pilots.
  • For queries about the suitability of the wing for you, your NOVA dealer will be happy to assist!

















































































































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