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Gin Safari 42 Trike

Merk: Gin paragliders
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  • Tandem
  • 2 sizes
  • 4 colours
  • EN B ::: LTF B

Our easiest, best-performing tandem. Ever.

Our new generation tandem has everything the professional could wish for: the easiest ever take-off and landing with the performance and handling of a solo wing.

On packed snow at 3800m on Aguille du Midi with a nervous passenger, you'll be glad you chose the Safari. Easily inflated, its crystal clean airfoil and reduced weight help to lift you quickly and gracefully off the ground. In the air, the light brake pressure and shorter brake travel lets you kick back and take in the scenery. You'll love the Safari's superb climbing and gliding ability and feel reassured when the air plays rough.

Besides professionals, the Safari is also ideal for recreational tandem pilots and heavier solo pilots.


  • Optimum positioning of brake attachment points and extensive trimming has produced light brake pressures with a shorter brake range. Your arms stay in the comfort zone without the need for wraps.
  • Flexible plastic leading edge re-inforcements keep a clean profile and save weight-- improving takeoff, safety and performance.
  • Weight-saving part diagonal internal construction with more cross ports.
  • "W inlets" maintain internal pressure at a wide range of angles of attack, enabling more performance and also more direct handling.
  • Trim system with longer trimmers (7cm compared to 4cm on the BeCool) for a wider range of adjustment according to passenger weight and a greater speed range.
  • New "big ears" kit allows the ears to be fixed in position.
  • Top quality materials throughout, selected for their good durability.


Perfect for paramotoring

The characteristics of the Safari perfectly match the requirements of paramotorists. This is why the Safari is now available with optional paramotor trim risers that may be specified when ordering.

Technical Specifications



    42 Trike
 FLAT  AREA     42.15m2
 SPAN     15.00m
 A.R     5.34
 PROJECTED  AREA     35.92m2
 SPAN     11.72m
 A.R     3.83
 GLIDER WEIGHT     9.0kg
 WEIGHT IN FLIGHT     130-369kg
 EN Closed Trimmer     B
 EN Open Trimmer     B
 LTF     B



Included with your glider:

- XXL rucksack 200L
- Spreader bars
- inner bag
- USB stick
- ripstop
- velcro tape
- stickers



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