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Airdesign pakzak Light

Merk: AirDesign
Model: Pakzak
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The rucksack is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the mountains.
Light weight and carrying comfort are essential for hike & fly.
That is why we, together with our team pilots, have developed one of the lightest rucksacks currently available.
Prototypes have been tested during competitions like the Borderline contests or the X-Alps, to make sure that the comfort is great even when carried for long periods of time. Made of the durable DOKDO-30DMF cloth, our Rucksack Light only weighs about 530 g.
With a volume of approx. 65 l it offers enough storage space for your entire light-weight paragliding equipment.
Its simple construction and maximum practicality are convincing.
Thanks to extra thick padding in the back area the Rucksack Light provides good ventilation and great carrying comfort.

  • Volume: 65 l
  • Weight: 530 g


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