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navITer Oudie 3 Droplet

Merk: navITer
Model: Vario/GPS
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€ 999,00

Excl. BTW: € 825,62

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Oudie 3 Droplet

Designed for the hang glider speed bar without compromise.

It will support all of your Competition and XC needs with the following features:


  • Ready to fly – no setup
  • Special aerodynamic housing
  • Pitot-tube integrated
  • Extremely responsive and accurate Vario
  • Sunlight readable LCD with Touch panel optimized for gloves
  • Long lasting battery with quick charger
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect size and shape
  • Vector maps for the whole world pre-installed (roads, rivers, lakes etc.)
  • Airspace files for much of the world also pre-installed
  • Software which fully supports Competition and XC Pilots
  • In-flight FAI Triangle Assistant
  • Thermal Assistant
  • Easy and free software updates with Oudie Updater

Extra info hier met oa een simulator:http://www.oudie3.com/products/oudie-3-droplet/#!prettyPhoto



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