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Brauniger IQ Compeo+

Merk: Brauniger
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Het grotere broertje van de Competino. LET OP: dit is de paragliding versie! De Delta versie kunnen we ook leveren, deze kost 760 euro incl BTW. Hierboven kun je aangeven welke versie je wilt hebben.


  • Total integrated flight instrument with 16 channel GPS receiver and integrated patch antenna.
  • Robust ABS housing, aerodynamic with soft edges.
  • Integrated NiMh batteries, providing more than 25 hours of usage with GPS receiver clocked with a 1 second update rate. Longer update rates will increase usable operating time.
  • Batteries are quick charge types without memory effect. They can be charged from a wide range AC power outlet or directly from the car or directly by different solar panels.
  • The large display (60mm x 80mm) is a high contrast LCD graphic type with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixel = 1/4 VGA.


The display offers different analogue and digital readings. The pilot may adjust the displayed data to his own preferences. For each of the 6 user fields, the pilot may choose of a list of different items. These include:

  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Time
  • Flight time
  • Speed over ground
  • Diff. speed between TAS and groundspeed
  • Height over destination
  • Distance to destination
  • Bearing
  • Track
  • Direction to best climbing
  • Temperature
  • A2 (QFE)
  • A3 (cumulated altitude)
  • HPa/inHg
  • L/D Ratio (through air, over ground, to waypoint)
  • Voltage (all time controlled, voltage and remainingbattery time is displaid)
  • The keypad helps navigating through an easy menu structure. 2 soft keys are event driven. During flight, the most important settings are performed directly, without navigating through different menus.
  • The audio is adjustable over a wide range. If desired, volume can be automatically controlled by speed.
  • Up to 200 waypoints can be defined.
  • Up to 20 routes, each with 30 waypoints can be stored.
  • Automatic pilot notification, when an FAI cylinder is passed.
  • Automatic navigation to the last best lift.
  • Automatic logger start and stop
  • Up to 96 hours of FAI/IGC logger memory
  • 2 different speed sensors may be connected: pressure based speed sensor (pitot tube integrated) to satisfy the requirements of fast hanggliders or speed probe (wheel-type) for paragliders.
  • TEC
  • All user settings can be performed using the keypad.
  • Increased McCready and glide path features.
  • Last but not least, the IQ COMPEO offers a perfect "simulation mode? where all features can be tested and simulated. This function allows to become very easy familare with the instrument.
  • The integrated flight calculator allows a guided flight to all memorised waypoints, showing the expected height over target.
  • Dimensions/weight 180 x 96 x 45 mm, 0,425 kg (without fixture)


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