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AirDesign Vita 2- EN B

Merk: AirDesign
Model: Paraglider
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Pilot Profile

The Intermediate Cruiser for everyone (Entry EN-B)
The VITA2 is probably the most balanced wing in the sky.
Positioned at the lower end of the EN-B category, the VITA2 combines agility, performance and fun with high-level safety.
Never before has flying been this easy and relaxed than with the new VITA2.
With the simplest starting behaviour, direct handling, combined with top-level stability providing the highest comfort level available in flight, you’ll find the VITA2 quick to impress.
Very agile and precise steering is one of the most remarkable behaviours that you’ll notice on first flight.
Like on any other AD wings, the VITA2 centres thermals almost by itself, with a neutral feel above, exhibiting no nervous front to rear pitching.
This positive behaviour is also the key to its excellent performance.
Glide comparisons have shown that the VITA2 is performing in the same arena as higher classed wings.
The intermediate cruiser for everyone.
Perfect for the entry into the EN-B class, or for relaxed, stress-free XC flights – the VITA2 offers something for all.
Comment from Stephan Stieglair –
Chief AD Designer: “… because the VITA2 is based around all of our collective design technology showcasing positive behaviour and performance, I can honestly say that this is the best glider that I’ve designed to date”

• Newly developed airfoil offering greater stability and performance, improved safety, and well-balanced flight characteristics •
3-Line System: A 3-line concept with the inner C-lines split to form short D-lines, culminating in a 15% overall line reduction
• 3D Cut: A technically advanced sail cutting method used for all panels across the leading edge area, facilitating improved airflow and increased performance
• Mini-Ribs in the trailing edge improve surface finish and reduce drag
• Razor Edge: A specially designed trailing edge which optimises the profile efficiency and reduces drag
• Polyamide Rods in the leading edge keep the profile in perfect shape, enhancing launch characteristics, and improving overall stability
• Cross-Straps for greater safety and stability
• 3-Line 20mm Riser Design - With B-riser tag - Fully sheathed lineset - Split A´s for simple, effective big-ears - Effortless acceleration system - Adjustable comfort brake handles with ultra smooth line swivels
• Brake-Shifting: Brake line design gives the pilot the option to vary the turn and adapt to different flying conditions. This is achieved by shifting the brake (hand) either to the inside or outside which results in a steeper or flatter turning radius. Watch our technical video
• Cleaning holes at the tips with velcro closures
• Top-quality manufacturing

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NB: custom colours kost 225 euro meer prijs!!


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